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After almost 80 years, we will close our company in 2024! Joost (the 3rd generation) has been working here for 44 years, and we have no successor. That’s why we don’t buy any new items anymore, the collection is getting smaller and smaller.

Isphording Antiek is a real family business.
Already since 1945!

our story

 Isphording Antiek has been a real family business since 1945.

1st Generation

Frans en Zus Isphording

2nd Generation

Jan en Ans Isphording

3rd Generation

Joost en Petra Isphording

How it started?

The business is now days run by the 3rd generation Isphording antique dealer and his wife.

Our family business was started immediately after the Second World War in 1945 by Frans Isphording and his wife Zus Isphording-Toirkens.

At that time, the furniture entered the country with wagon loads at the same time from Germany. These days this furniture was extremely popular.

The business was first located on the Prins Hendrikstraat in Eindhoven and then on the Woenselsestraat.

In 1952, Jan Isphording joined his parents business.

In 1963 the business already partially moved to Best, where the company grew bigger and bigger under Jan and his wife Ans.

From 1980,  the 3rd generation, Joost Isphording also joined the company and shortly afterwards his wife Petra.

Over the years, the emphasis has shifted more towards finer and more elegant furniture from the Netherlands and England, and to early small items (pewter utensils, stoneware jars, bronze candlesticks, etc.).

The wives have also cooperated fully in the store and in the administration during all these years.