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English bookcase - English

English bookcase

English "break-front" bookcase with adjustable shelves. In three doors the original glass. Another colour inside is possible.

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Details of English bookcase:
Reference no.:536
Size:Height: 225 cm
Width: 190 cm
Depth top: 27 cm
Depth below: 46 cm
Date:About 1800-1825.
Detail photos of English bookcase:
thumb_Boekenkast_4002.jpg thumb_Boekenkast_6120.jpg thumb_Boekenkast_9534.jpg
thumb_Boekenkast_8666.jpg thumb_Boekenkast_1622.jpg thumb_Boekenkast_1120.jpg
thumb_Boekenkast_7515.jpg thumb_Boekenkast_1941.jpg